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about us

Hillside International Truth Center, Inc., was founded as Hillside Chapel and Truth Center, Inc., September 6, 1971, by Barbara Jean Lewis (who became Bishop Dr. Barbara Lewis King) as a New Thought, inclusive, healing ministry open to all people. It actually began in her heart at the age of thirteen but became a reality in Atlanta, Georgia at the age of 41 when she and twelve friends and prayer partners began weekly prayer meetings in the living room of her home. As they brought friends and relatives to hear Dr. Barbara (as she is affectionately called) teach “a practical Christianity,” the numbers increased and the meetings were moved to the old Gordon Mansion on Venetian Drive. In 1974, Dr. Barbara and her faith-filled members drew from their personal investments and savings, took out loans, and old bonds to raise the down payment to purchase the nearby Cascade Presbyterian Church. The four-acre complex was one block away, had a 250-seat sanctuary, three buildings, and sat on a hill. Classes in meditation, prosperity, and Bible study were started; a metaphysical bookstore was opened; Dial-a-Prayer ministry was initiated; a choir was organized; special interest groups, such as singles and youth were developed; and the television ministry, “A New Thought, A New Life” with Dr. Barbara, was launched.

Hillside expanded from the three buildings in 1991 with completion of a new building, uniquely connected to the original complex. It included Dr. Barbara’s vision of a sanctuary-in-the-round that seats over 1,000, the Faith Chapel, Truth and Treasures Bookstore, music suite, media booth, classrooms, and offices. Currently space is also designated for the Youth Zone (formerly an accredited learning center), a café, “Kids Like Me Art Gallery” (with works by nationally recognized artists), the King Chapel, and the Hospitality Suite. Other acquired, adjacent and nearby property along with expanded parking facilities bring the total Hillside campus to more than 13 acres.

In 1977 the Barbara King School of Ministry (still in existence) was founded to train ministers and Truth teachers. The inspirational guide, “Daily Thoughts from the Hill,” was started in 1985 and continues to this day in worldwide distribution. It has over 3,000 subscribers on five continents. Daily Thoughts for Children, written and illustrated by children, was established in 2009 and continues. The Barbara Lewis King Scholarship Foundation was established in 1997 to assist students pursuing postsecondary education. Over 300 students have been awarded scholars

Hillside has grown from 12 people to several thousand members and supporters around the world. Volunteers serve in more than 25 ministries and auxiliaries. Its international outreach and includes teaching Truth principles to adults and children in Soweto Township and Johannesburg, South Africa; building a chapel and community center with housing for retired nuns for the Sisters of the Boa Morte in Bahia, Brazil; and supporting the education of children in Ghana, West Africa through donations of school supplies and materials. Dr. Barbara served actively as Hillside’s Founder Minister/World Spiritual Leader until 2019. At that time she appointed and mentored Bishop Dr. Jack L. Bomar as her successor to serve as the Executive Bishop. On October 11, 2020, Dr Barbara made her transition at the age of 90. Bishop Bomar continues as the pastor and Executive Bishop. Under his leadership, the Hillside network has expanded over the past two years to include ministries in Hawaii, New York, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee; Toronto, Canada; and Australia. Local outreach is expanding and new partnerships are being developed. Hillside continues its mission of healing hearts and transforming lives.