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Bishop Dr. Jack L. Bomar, Presiding Bishop

“Bishop Jack,” as he is affectionately called, is a native of Tennessee and the founder of Blessing Hands USA, Inc., a non-profit humanitarian organization established to revive, restructure and revitalize communities. He presently serves as Presiding Prelate and Pastor of Hillside International Truth Center in Atlanta, Georgia; UNITED Church in Beaufort, South Carolina; and the Presiding Bishop of the Hillside UNITED Network International and its affiliate network ministries.

He has committed more than 40 years of his life to ministry, beginning in Williams Grove Missionary Baptist Church (Camden, TN) where, by age 12, he was the official church musician, the Sunday School Assistant Super- intendent, and adjutant to the pastor and his family. After fellowship with various movements within Christianity including the C.M.E. Church and the Church of God in Christ, at the age of 23 Bishop Jack was introduced to New Thought teachings. Since that time, he has presided over, revived, revitalized, repositioned ministries throughout the nation and beyond. Bishop Jack has served as Senior Minister for various New Thought communities in
states including Hawaii, New York, Tennessee, California, Illinois, and Georgia; and as International Guest Minister in Australia and U.S. Virgin Islands.

Bishop Jack received his Doctor of Ministry degree with a concentration in Parish Revitalization & Building the Beloved Community from McCormick Theological Seminary in Chicago, Illinois. He received his Master of Divinity degree from Chicago Theological Seminary; the Bachelor of Arts degree from Lane College in Jackson, Tennessee; a ministerial ordination from the Barbara King School of Ministry in Atlanta, Georgia; and the ecclesiastical ministerial endorsement from the United Church of Religious Science, now known as Centers for Spiritual Living. He was consecrated to the Episcopal Office of Bishop on September 23, 2018, by the International Council of Bishops.

His desire is to serve as a conduit that fosters a greater sense of self-awareness, spiritual enlightenment, and God-consciousness with the communities in which he serves. His hope is to encourage people of diverse backgrounds to transcend differences, bridge communication, and build a coalition that leads to the achievement of a common purpose, a unified and loving community.